The Undead Queen

The Beginning
This adventure began during the Legends of Azebron campain down time. When we last left the group they had just returned to Sydendale wih a highly valuble statue. After returning it to the old Sage, their nexxt endevor was sort of up in the air.

Our story revolves orund the Half-Elf, Sloot; the Paladin, Mograine; and an new face, Krog Windspitter, a ranger.

Our story begins,(as all great stoys do), in The Final Goodbye, the last tavern before leaving Sydendale. As our party enjoys their down time, they notice a man sitting alone looking emotionally worn down. Sloot, the ever chaotic one is the first one inquire about his foul mood. Through the Paladins silver tounge they are able to find out that the mans daughter has been kiddnapped and feared dead as he presents a small finger wrapped in cloth.

After a trip to the armorsmith and a bid of detective work, the group heads out to an old abandoned moselium on the outskirts of the city. Upon arriving they brgin to advance through the cemetary that surounds the mauselium. Mograine the paladin bravely steps into cemetary, even though sensing a lot of evil, and awakens a small hoard of skeletons. After an intense and lengthy fight where Krog almost loses his sword multiple times, the party triumphs over the undead hoard.

Upon entering the crypt and dispatching more skeletons, the group finds a coffin that is heavily trapped. Sloot disarms the trap and Krog pushes the heavy lid off to reveal…an emty coffin. Upon a succesful search, they find a small hole drilled into the floor. Sloot decides to ump into the coffin, and insert her finger into the hole and pull up.(with her still standing on the board). after this brilliant tactic fails Krog decides to jump up and down on the board. causing it too break, sending the board and himself falling down a long set of stairs.

After going down the stairs, the group s faced with a choice, left, right, or straight ahead. They decide to go left and find a long tunnel with two zombies guarding it. Mograine and Krog make short work of this threat and the party finds three doors. after searching a long dead body, Mograine finds and presents Sloot with a masterwork set of theives tools. Which was promptly broken on a particulary sturdy door lock. Finding nothing within the first door, the second reveals a small burial chamber where Sloot finds, and stealtily hides two rubies and a courious blue gem. And tells the othes that she has found nothing. The last room is foud to have a hidden cubby next to the crypt where Sloot again finds an impresive haul: a pair of Boots of Elvenkind.

Backtracking to the first door they encountered, the party finds an ornate sarcophagus. After failing to disarm the magical trap, Krog is burned while sliding off the lid to reveal an old but still kicking, mummy. During the fight in which Krog is nearly killed, the party ends up burning the mummy to dust. after resting and searching the room, Mograine finds an enchanted shield adding to his already impressive armor class.

The party proceds throught he rest of the crypt reletivly unharmed. After following a narrow hallway they come to a light door leading them into a surprisenly upkept church complee with tapestrys and chandeleirs. They see across the room is an alter with a small form cover with a white cloth….and a dagger stabbed into it. Standing next to this on the other side of the alter is a strikenly beautiful woman, whos is smling at them the whole time. After sweetly informing them that she cant let them leave, sh brings forth a quartet of bugbear zombies. After dropping one of the chandeleirs on top of the final zombies, the woman pulls out a scroll and dissapears into a cloud of smoke.

The group then revrently approches the alter and Mograine pulls the cloth off to reveal…a halfling male! The group searches the the immediate area and find a hidden door behind one of the tapestrys. It is there that they find the little gold tied up and frightened. They scoop up the girl and travel back to to Sydendale where they are treated as heroes. The father of the girl presents Krog with an old Family hierloom, a Masterwork Shortsword.

the next morning the group is invitd to the mayors home where he congragulates, rewards and praises the brave party. It is there that they are introduced to his wife. A very familiar, very beautiful, raven haired woman….
The End?


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